monoko doodle

nightmargin asked:
Dream vs Dream features Handsome Faceless Shitai though hes not in the game just in some portraits and concept sprites

omg really?

aaa that’s cool, i’ll have to check it out sometime!

i don’t think i’ve ever seen any fanart that interpreted shitai-san as literally being featureless before???

i always thought the lamp effect looked really cute

*beep boop*

im commandeering tynan for tonight jayne sorry

i wanted to draw tynan wearing like a tshirt and jeans or something but then????? this?????

me and jayne were talking about our ocs over skype and i kept drawing shippy art of them and sending it to her and she kept threatening me with seagulls and sherbert

Tynan, the scruffy banshee boy in the dress is jayne’s and Michael the little shit fox boy is mine

felix doodle before i finally go to bed

i was doodling and things got out of hand???

tbh i always wanted koichi to be horrified and embarrassed by act 3’s constant swearing

tiny boyfriend