felix doodle before i finally go to bed

i was doodling and things got out of hand???

tbh i always wanted koichi to be horrified and embarrassed by act 3’s constant swearing

tiny boyfriend

i can’t believe koichi is taller than me

i just remembered i haven’t drawn gyro yet

but consider this: jjba/dude that’s my ghost au

like 90% of what i drew in 2011 was sad looking pierrots wearing frilly clothes and i’m wondering why i ever stopped drawing these things

aubin and cambrensis grew up being horrible little delinquents together

i found a load of old sketches from this story i came up with in like 2008 (i think??) and i really want to redesign them

i don’t even remember how much of the plot i developed but it was about bounty hunters and all the characters were based on fairytales and stuff and the main characters were alice in wonderland themed idk

one of them is literally just a giant anthropomorphic rabbit there is no explanation for this, he’s just a freak, bless him

josuyasu beach fic is happening and i for one i am very excited